Portable Radiation Monitor (Radi-Set-Go)



Satrec Initiative (https://www.satreci.com)

Project Goal Description

Right after Fukusima explosion in Japan (2011), the importance of radiation monitoring was raised in Korea as well. The project goal was to design a new product that supports quick and easy radiation monitoring process. Thus, we named the project as Radi-Set-Go (Ready, Set, Go).


Phase 1. Exploring Diverse Possibilities

In this project, my design team explore diverse forms of radiation monitors. Especially, we tried to make the monitor compact and portable for the case of emergency. Finally, we decided to focus on the metaphor of suitcases.radi_1


Phase 2. Refining Selected Models

After sketching, we generated 3D models and illustrations with graphics. During the process, we refined the hardware parts and designed the user interface.


Phase 3. Finally Manufactured Products

The images below show how to use the product. Users can carry the portable monitor like a suitcase. Users take the pole out of the main body and make it stand by using the main body as a support.

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Phase 4. Details of Portable Radiation Monitor











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