FlowerPop: Facilitating Casual Group Conversations with Multiple Mobile Devices

Preparing Publication (Full description about this project will be updated soon!)


Beyond passive digital content sharing and displaying, we explored the potential use of mobile devices as a collaborative sensing system that can proactively monitor and mediate casual group conversations. Toward this goal, we developed Flower-Pop, a mobile system that monitors group conversations and visualizes interaction patterns by using a metaphorical expression with blossoms. Group conversation is mediated with spontaneous photo sharing and proactive conversation moderation that encourages inactive persons to share photos or selects a random person to speak. Our field study at a coffee shop and a department lounge showed that our system well supported animated participation in group conversations. Flower-Pop’s mediation guided smooth topic/speaker transitions and significantly encouraged less-active speakers to better engage in group conversation. Considering participants’ difficulties in disclosing proper photos at a timely moment, we discussed design challenges and opportunities that guide the design of mobile systems toward an active conversation facilitator.


Mobile devices; collocated social interaction; ice-breaking; conversation.

Preview Images


Field Study in the Coffeehouse



[To be Continued]





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