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Workshop: Designing Meaningful Products with Data

Recent developments in digital fabrication and computational design offer new opportunities to encode data in 2D or 3D forms and have stimulated the emergence of data-inspired product design (e.g. data sculpture, and data jewelry). Personal and public data can be a source of inspiration for product design. By making invisible data to visible and tangible, it is possible to enhance the aesthetic quality of a product and embed stories and messages in a product.

The workshop will provide opportunities for participants to explore data-inspired product design during a hands-on session, by creating their own prototypes. These practical explorations will lead into reflective discussions on the role of designers and challenges for this design approach.

Highlight of This Workshop

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 Aims of this workshop

  1. To create an awareness of the potential of data-inspired product design by providing an overview of state-of-the-art research, practice, and tools
  2. To practice the process of data-inspired product design
  3. To understand the potential and challenges of data-inspired product design


Schedule and Activities

The workshop will be divided into three parts each focusing on a different aspect of data-inspired design by applying the design approach to 2D patterns, 3D objects and service scenarios.

Detail Time
Part 0.


Introduce the instructor and each other

Introduce this workshop

– Explain the aim of the workshop and the activities planned for the following session

– Short presentations about state-of-art in design, and the values of such design approach

9:00 ~ 9:20

9:20 ~:10:00




Using Data for 2D Patterns
Introduce how data can be used to make stylish patterns on a product

– Learn brief process of transforming data to 2D patterns by making a principle (before making a code)


Hands-on Activity

– Make 2D patterns for Fitbit (Activity Tracker) using personal health data

– Explain what it is how data is used with sketches and prototypes

10:10 ~ 10:40



10:40 ~ 11:30


11:30 ~ 12:00 (presentation)


Using Data for 3D Objects & Products

Introduce how Data can be used to make meaningful 3D object or a product

– Introduce examples of data physicalization, data jewelry etc.

Hands-on Activity

– Make meaningful 3D Objects (or products) using health data.

– Explain what it is how data is used with sketches and prototypes

1:00 ~ 1:30




1:30 ~ 2:30

2:30 ~ 3:00

Part3. Integrating through Concept Design Hands-on Group Activity

– Let’s imagine that Singapore Tourism Board request design for travelers. Please design a new service or a product for travelers.

Wrapping up

– Discuss potential values and limitations


3:00 ~ 4:30


4:30 ~ 5:00



Expected Workshop Outcomes

In this workshop, participants will make 2D patterns, 3D objects by hands-on actitivities. Also, participants will generate a concept design about data-inspired product design.

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