[Moon-Hwan Lee‘s Research Highlight]

photo_moonhwan-leeI am an interaction designer and  a design researcher interested in systems, services, and products that can shape people, societies, and cultures in profound ways. My background spans industrial design and Human-Computer Interaction. As a designer and a researcher, I am exploring ways to bridge the gap between design research and practice. I finished my PhD course in the CIDR lab at KAIST where I work with Tek-Jin Nam, and several esteemed lab members (http://cidr.kaist.ac.kr). Currently, I am an Assistant Professor in the department of design at Korea Polytechnic University (KPU), South Korea.

Based on my experience in design practice, I have conducted several research projects focusing on the concepts of patinas to make emotionally durable products and services. Artists use a technique called patination to deploy accumulated material traces, enhancing the aesthetics and historicity of objects. Inspired by this concept of patina, I explored the possibility of digital patination, a design technique that induces the accumulation of material traces based on digitally recorded histories to make emotionally enduring artifacts. While exploring digitalpatination, my research consisted of several qualitative studies and case developments in the context of activity trackers, product-personalization systems, and video-streaming services.

* If you want to collaborate with me or discuss research projects, please feel free to contact me!

– E-mail: moonhwan@kaist.ac.kr